Reproductive Health Act – Repeal of Rights Talking Points

Dear ProLife Friends:

Please call, text, or e-mail your state legislators immediately!

Dangerous legislation known as the “Reproductive Health Act” (RHA) has been introduced.  The bill package calls for the repeal of many commonsense abortion regulations that have broad support of Michigan citizens, including the majority of those who voted for Proposal 3.

The “Reproductive Health Act” includes removing abortion clinic licensing regulations, informed consent provisions that include a 24-hour waiting period, the Medicaid funding ban, the partial-birth abortion ban, the born-alive infant protection law, humane disposal of fetal remains, abortion reporting, and more.

It also redefines “abortion” in state law as a medical treatment and removes the term “elective.”

Finally, it codifies into state statue the language of Proposal 3, creating a statutory right to abortion (in addition to the constitutional right) and allows for civil penalties for entities who infringe on those rights.

Talking Points to Highlight

Repeal of Informed Consent

The Informed Consent law provides women the opportunity to review important medical information and risks 24 hours in advance of her abortion.  No other medical procedure is available in less than 24 hours.

•          Women deserve accurate medical information, including the risks involved with and alternatives to abortion.

•          Medical ethics requires informed consent for all medical procedures. 

•          Removing coercive abortion screening aids abusers, not women.

•          63% of Michiganders support the 24-hour waiting period.

•          65% of those who voted FOR Proposal 3 support the 24-hour waiting period.

Repeal of Clinic Licensing Regulations

No industry is left to regulate itself, but Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are uninterested in abiding by the same, basic regulations every other surgical facility in the state must adhere to.

•          Removing those standards endangers women’s health.

•          Removing surgical abortion clinic standards endangers patients and puts profits over women’s safety.

•          Removal of clinic licensing removes state inspection of clinics.

•          90% of Michiganders support keeping abortion clinic regulations in place.

•          97% of those who voted FOR Proposal 3 want these regulations to remain intact.

Repeal of Parental Consent

The abortion industry realizes that parental rights are a hot button issue right now and have publicly voiced the need to “educate the public on the dangers of parental consent laws” prior to repealing the law.

•          Parental consent laws protect parent’s rights to be involved in their minor daughter’s abortion decision.

•          Parental consent laws protect young girls from abuse and exploitation.

•          67% of Michiganders support parental consent for abortion.

•          60% of those who voted FOR Proposal 3 support parental consent for abortion.

Take Action Now

•          Reach out to your legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, not just those known to be prolife.

•          Ask them to vote NO on the Reproductive Health Act.

Kalamazoo County Legislators:

Senator Thomas Albert                              Phone:           (517) 373-1734

                                                                        Email:             [email protected]

Senator Sean McCann                                Phone:           517-373-5100

                                                                        Email:             [email protected]

Representative Christine Morse               Phone:           (517) 373-8670

                                                                        Email:             [email protected]

Representative Julie Rogers                     Phone:           (517) 373-1783

                                                                        Email:             [email protected]

Representative Matt Hall                           Phone:           (517) 373-1784

                                                                        Email:             [email protected]

Representative Sarah Lightner                  Phone:           (517) 373-1773

                                                                        Email:             [email protected]

I can’t stress enough how important it is that we contact Senators Albert and McCann and Representatives Morse, Rogers, Hall and Lightner requesting that they vote NO on the Reproductive Health Act.

God bless you for all you do for the unborn,

Jean Talanda, President

Kalamazoo County Right to Life