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Political Action

Political Action

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Learn about all the legislation and political actions being taken against abortion

Pregnancy is a beautiful act that brings new life into this world. At Kalamazoo Right to Life, we believe it's our mission to protect that life. Our pro-life organization was created to distribute education surrounding pro-life and abortion.

We offer memberships where our supporters and patrons can rent out a wide variety of educational materials that we've been collecting for over 40 years. Join our pro-life organization in Kalamazoo, MI by calling  (269) 615-2411  today.

Who we are

Kalamazoo Right to Life is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization of diverse and caring people united to protect the precious gift of human life from fertilization to natural death. We support the goals, political actions and movements of Right to Life of Michigan. Our goal is to provide the people of the Kalamazoo community with:

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Founded with a passion to protect life

Our right to life organization was founded as a service organization so we can help our community in the best way possible. We help all women make the right decision when it comes to their pregnancy. You can count on us when you aren't sure who to turn to. Learn more about the benefits of choosing pro-life by browsing through our website.

Our History

In the Fall of 1969 local physician Dr. Joseph Kincaid, who had already established a "right to life committee" at his Catholic parish, founded Kalamazoo Right to Life. He was soon joined by two women, Dorothy Talanda and Virginia Ferrara. Membership grew beyond its Catholic base to include people from Reformed and Christian Reformed churches. When abortion-rights lawmakers attempted to pass reform legislation between 1970 and 1972, Kalamazoo Right to Life's leaders spoke in opposition, talking to civic or church groups. Reform bills failed during that time. However, in 1972 abortion-rights advocates secured enough signatures to place a referendum on the November, 1972 ballot that would have legalized abortion up to the 20th week of pregnancy. To defeat Referendum B, Kalamazoo Right to Life joined a coalition of other pro-life groups called Voice of the Unborn. Joe, Dorothy, and Virginia spent the Fall of 1972 speaking at high schools, colleges and universities, churches, civic groups, and debated opponents over an eight-county region. Their hard efforts paid off when the referendum was defeated 61 to 39 percent. In 1973 Voice of the Unborn became Michigan Citizens for Life, with Joe and Dorothy as original founders. Dr. Kincaid became Vice-President, a position he held until 2014. In 1979 Michigan Citizens for Life changed its name to Right to Life of Michigan. Over the years Kalamazoo Right to Life incorporated, started a newsletter, established a lending library of pro-life books and materials, opened an office, held garage sales and auctions, sold roses on Mother's Day, started a oratory speech contest for high school students, held memorial events on the Roe v. Wade anniversary, and hosted dinners to raise money for the Right to Life of Michigan Education Fund. We have campaigned for local pro-life candidates. We have participated in every petition drive launched by Right to Life of Michigan and its affiliated coalition. Kalamazoo Right to Life holds the distinction of being the oldest existing pro-life group in the state. Though our office has changed locations over the years, our mission remains the same: to protect human life from fertilization to natural death.

Do you wish you could make a difference for life, but you're not sure how?

Kalamazoo Right to Life is the place to be to get connected with all kinds of different ways you can get involved!

  1. Find out more about the various opportunities for you to use your talents, time and skills to help promote our great cause on our Volunteer page - from mailings and letter writing to fair booths and event planning.
  2. Download our Membership Form above and send it in to join our local organization, as well as the Right to Life of Michigan, which KRTL is an affiliate of. So you get 2 memberships for the price of 1! Your membership dues are used to fund our statewide and grassroots efforts to remain a strong voice in defending the sanctity of human life.
  3. Donate to Kalamazoo Right to Life: Send your contributions and gifts directly to our office (Please Note: Your contributions and gifts to KRTL are not tax deductible.) Make checks to Kalamazoo Right to Life: P.O. Box 2366,  Kalamazoo, MI 49003. Thank you for your support! 
  4. Visit our Legislation page for the latest developments and action alerts for effective ways you can impact our local, state and federal legislation in regards to sanctity of human life issues!
  5. Find us on Facebook and Twitter! We are very excited about this effective new way to reach more people in our community with pro-life education, legislative updates and action alerts, information on upcoming events and much more! Another great way to connect with other pro-lifers in our community!