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Note on trimesters: 1st trimester = 1 to 12 weeks (up to 84 days), 2nd trimester = 13 to 26 weeks (up to 112 days), 3rd trimester = 27 to up to 40 weeks (up to 280 days)

Abortion Statistics For Michigan

When it comes to abortion statistics, there are a few notable statistics worth looking at. In Michigan, there were a total number of 26,716 induced abortions in 2018. Among the number of women who received an abortion in 2018, approximately 50% had not received an abortion before. From 1985 to 2018, there’s been a decrease in the proportion of women who have experienced two or more induced abortions. In 1985 this number was at 45.6%, whereas in 2018 it dropped to 23.3%.

The majority of Michigan residents receiving induced abortions (37.5%) were under 25 years of age. However, the percentage is decreasing from the original 52.2% in 2009 to only 37.5% in 2018. For younger Michigan residents, 8.7% were younger than 20 years of age, which was previously at 30.6% in 1985.

In 2018, 87.4% of the Michigan women who obtained an induced abortion were not married, a 5% increase from the 82.4% reported in 1985.

For further statistics abortions in Michigan, visit the Michigan’s Department of Health & Human Services website.

Myths About Abortions

Abortion advocates lean towards attempting to provide you with information that only supports their side of the discussion, but their facts are skewed in their favor and have the potential to distort the truth. Our pro-life education is aimed at providing you with accurate information surrounding abortion rates and policies.

A lot of the information that circulates about abortions deals with the abortions performed illegally and not by licensed professionals. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Vital Statistics, there were only 39 women who died from illegal abortions in 1972.

Former medical director of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Mary Calderone, is on the record in an American Journal of Health article from 1960 discussing a study that was conducted in 1958. This study showed that 84-87% of all illegal abortions were performed by licensed physicians in good standing.

Dr. Calderone concluded that “90% of all illegal abortions are presently done by physicians.” So, the population of those performing illegal abortions changed from unprofessional and “back-alley” practices to “caring doctors who believe in a woman’s right to choose” in 1973.

The misinterpretation of how often women were receiving illegal abortions comes across as inaccurate, especially when you look at the rise in abortions after the procedure was legalized. According to CDC reports that were produced after abortion was legalized in January 1973, there were 615,831 legal abortions.

In 1976, there were 988,267 abortions. There weren’t over a million legal abortions a year in the United States until the end of 1977, which was five years after abortion was made legal in all states.

Pro-life education is important because the number of abortions that occur annually is too high. You can count on our organization to provide you with the truth. To learn more about abortion statistics and the legal movements for pro-life, click on our Legislation page now.

Consequences Of Abortions

Abortions are traumatic and invasive procedures. You’re removing a living being from your body, and that’s no small task. Ending your pregnancy results in taking away the life of that baby. Although the medical advancements today make abortions safer than they were 30 years ago, they don’t come without consequences.

Numerous published scientific studies have found that women who abort a child, especially their first child, have a greater risk of getting breast cancer. Another study found that at least 19% of women who abort suffer from diagnosable post-traumatic stress disorder (Barnhard, C., The Long-Term Psychological Effects of Abortion, 1990).

In a 1996 study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers found that women who had an abortion were three times more likely than the general population to commit suicide within the following year. This same study also showed that this same group of women were six times more likely than women who gave birth to commit suicide.

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