Learn More About Pro-Life Laws

Learn More About Pro-Life Laws

Read the right to life legislation in Kalamazoo, MI

Legislation is a complicated topic, especially when it comes to abortion law. There are a variety of interested lobbyists and parties on both sides of the pro-life discussion. You can rely on Kalamazoo Right to Life to keep you up to date on any legislative developments for Michigan surrounding abortion law.

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Michigan Legislation currently pending or passed July 7, 2022

State of Michigan Budget
Michigan's Budget was passed with the following prolife provisions. It is expected that Governor Whitmer will veto these items.

General Omnibus HB 5783

General Omnibus HB 5783
•$4.4M for diaper assistance grants for diaper banks, maternity homes, and other nonprofit agencies that distribute diapers for free - Sec 464
•$4M for grants for maternity homes to provide safe housing and comprehensive services to pregnant women - Sec 1323
•$50k to provide notice not use state funds for any elective abortion and info to health care providers and the public that the department shall- Sec 243
•$10M for infant adoption marketing program - Sec 548
•Prolife boilerplate - Secs 1303, 1304, 1305, 1347 - state shall not contract with organizations that provide abortions, state money shall not be used for abortion counseling or referrals... or for activities regarding human cloning or research that involves destroying or discarding human embryos
•$700,000 for the previous Pregnant and Parenting Support Services Program - Sec 1307
•Limitations on "family planning" educational funds and that related media campaigns may not imply that abortion is a method of family planning or pregnancy prevention - Sec 1309/1320
•$3M for maternal navigator programs that promote childbirth and alternatives to abortion - Sec 1345
•$1.5M for pregnancy resource center grants - Sec 1346
•$100,000 for informational materials regarding the state constitutional limits on embryonic stem cell research - Sec 1148
•Increases adoption subsidies and provides a 20% increase to foster family maintenance payment rates
•$2M adoption tax credit for adoptive parents- Sec 532
•Boilerplate requiring DHHS to explore allowing foster care maintenance payments to continue throughout a child's adoption process - Sec 555

School Bus SB 845

•$500,000 for colleges/universities(Sec 275k) and $500,000 for community colleges (Sec 226f) to set up pregnant and parenting student services offices
•Stem Cell "Progress" Reporting by Colleges restored (Sec 274)
•$5m incentive for colleges performing ethical stem cell research(Pg 430 and Sec 274a)
•Discipline policy for abortion referral (Sec 166)

These two bills passed both the senate and the house:

HB 5558 & 5559, The Fetal Tissue Research ban, was passed on the last day of session in the wee hours - and likely to be vetoed by Governor Whitmer.

This House Resolution was introduced just recently in the House:

HR 317 is a resolution to denounce the violence against Pregnancy centers. It was introduced, but no other action.

Telemedicine Abortion Ban

Recently introduced was the telemedicine abortion ban but it hasn't had any movement.