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Volunteer Activities

Please consider the list of volunteer activities below and check off the ways you are able and willing to help. Thank you!

Conference Book Ads –

  • All RLM Affiliates participate in this annual event by contacting local Pro-life Businesses to purchase Advertising space in the RLM Conference book. (Total Time: 1-4 hrs)

Phone Calling –

  • In election years, a get out the vote phone call campaign is conducted to inform Pro-life voters of Pro-life candidates running in upcoming elections. (Total Time: 2-4 hours; Sept-Oct.)
    Skills Needed: able to make phone calls, follow a script, and document response on a call log.

High School Oratory Contest –

  • Annually KRTL holds an Oratory Contest for High School students, and offers cash prizes for the winners. The participants submit an entry for the event, and during the contest present their Pro-life topic. There are different roles available: judges, time keeper, set-up, tear-down, etc. (Total Time: approximately 4-6 hrs).
    Requirement: able to attend the entire event.

County Fair Pro-life Booth and Contests –

  • RLM Affiliates staff county fair booths to educate the public on Pro-life issues. Encourage people to participate in a contest (ex: toss a ring on a baby bottle, bingo, etc.) There are opportunities within SW Michigan. (Total Time: 2-4hrs; Summer)
    Skills Needed: Comfortable talking with people, knowledgeable about Pro-life Issues.

Focus on Life Dinner –

  • KRTL’s main fundraising and educational event is the Annual Dinner. There are many opportunities to volunteer: Dinner Planning Committee, Students for Set-up and Tear-Down, Decorations, Servers, etc. (Total Time: 2-4 hrs; May)
    Skills Needed: Able to stay for assigned responsibility, stand and walk around the room, and lift and arrange tables.

Sanctity of Life Memorial Service –

  • This event is special since it is a prayerful memorial held outside to demonstrate publicly those who stand for the lives of the unborn. (Total Time: 2 hrs; January)
    Requirements: Able to dress for the weather and stand outside with a group of Pro-life supporters.

Church Outreach –

  • Be a Pro-life representative to provide pro-life information to pastors and church members. Our goal is to have a Pro-life Church Representative in every church in Kalamazoo. (Total Time: 4-6 hrs; Annually)
    Skills Needed: Able to speak with Pastor and Church members about pro-life issues and assist in KRTL membership drive.

Thank you for your time and we will be in touch.