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  • Have a local committee
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Our Organization Strives to Make a Change

Our Organization Strives to Make a Change

We support Right to Life of Michigan in Kalamazoo, MI

Supporting a cause and causing political change are two completely different things. Kalamazoo Right to Life supports every abortion political action proposed by Right to Life of Michigan. We're here to bring education about the legislation and developments to our community in Kalamazoo, MI.

We pay attention to rules and regulations that pertain to abortion political action so we can stay up to date on the most recent changes. Rely on our organization when you want to learn more about the political actions being taken today.

Pro-life are often criticized for being "single-issue voters." How can we ignore the other important issues of the day and only concentrate on abortion? The answer is very simple: the taking of innocent human life, now numbering over 60 million since 1973, is the greatest moral and ethical abuse in our nation's history. Like slavery, abortion dehumanizes the unborn. Pro-choice individuals consider a baby in the womb a non-person. In their worldview, the baby's rights are totally ignored and irrelevant to the discussion. Yes, we vote based on a politician's record on abortion or his or her statements that reflect their opinions on the issue. But single-issue is more than abortion. Three other issues are related and comprise the "life issues." Euthanasia is defined as the action of inducing the "painless" death of a person for reasons assumed to be merciful. The pro-life movement rejects physician-assisted suicide. Infanticide is the killing of an infant, usually because the child is physically impaired. This too is immoral and discriminates against a child's right to live, even if for a shortened number of months or years. Stem-cells extracted from a frozen human embryo is unethical because it destroys the life of the embryo. Pro-lifers support stem-cell research only when tissue is taken from adults--testing that does not kill the donor. Lawmakers who support abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and embryonic stem-cell research disqualify themselves for elected office.