Berrien County ​Right to Life Michigan is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit organization of diverse and caring people united to protect the precious gift of human life from fertilization to natural death. We strive to educate people on Right to Life issues, to motivate them to action, encourage community support, and the participation in programs and legislation that foster respect and protection for human life. We also promote and support pro-life candidates. We work on the behalf of defenseless and vulnerable human beings, born and unborn, within our identified life issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Our meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at ​The Shore Church, 623 Church Street, St. Joseph, MI.


The "Anything Goes" Abortion Amendment

The Reproductive Freedom for All proposed Michigan constitutional amendment will appear on the November 8th Ballot. Below is the language that will appear on the ballot:

Statewide Ballot Proposal 22-3
A proposal to amend the state constitution to establish new individual right to reproductive freedom, including the right to make all decisions about pregnancy and abortion; allow state to regulate abortion in some cases; and forbid prosecution of individuals exercising established right
This proposed constitutional amendment would:
• Establish new individual right to reproductive freedom, including right to make and carry out all decisions about pregnancy, such as prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, contraception, sterilization, abortion, miscarriage management, and infertility;
• Allow state to regulate abortion after fetal viability, but not prohibit if medically needed to protect a patient's life or physical or mental health;
• Forbid state discrimination in enforcement of this right; prohibit prosecution of an individual, or a person helping a pregnant individual, for exercising rights established by this amendment;
• Invalidate state laws conflicting with this amendment.
Should this proposal be adopted? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Do you know what this means?
The language is confusing. Below is a list of pro-life laws that will be REPEALED if this amendment passes:
1) The Abortion Ban of 1846
2) The Abortion Ban of 1931
3) The Prohibition against publishing "How to Guides"
4) The Partial-birth Abortion Ban
5) The Parental Consent Law
6) The Informed Consent Law
7) The Coercive Abortion Prevention Act
8) The Abortion Insurance Opt-out Law
9) The Clinic Licensing Law
10) The prohibitions against schools referring for abortions
11) The law prioritizing family planning dollars away from abortion clinics.

This amendment would eliminate nearly every legal protection for the unborn and for women.