Reminder of Roe v. Wade Memorial Prayer Service: Sunday, January 22, 3 pm, Bronson Park

Everyone is invited to attend the annual Roe v. Wade Memorial Service. It will be held on Sunday, January 22, 2017 between 3-3:30 pm.
We will gather at the bandshell in Bronson Park. We are all welcome to return to the Crowley Center at St. Augustine’s school for refreshments.
New this year: We will be collecting boxes of diapers and baby wipes that will be donated to Caring Network and Alternatives of Kalamazoo.
The weather report shows no snow!!! but there is the possibility of rain. Temperatures should be in the low 50s. Let’s make this memorial service a success. We show our strength by our numbers. So, bring those diapers…bring that umbrella…and bring your family. Hope to see you there.